September 2017

How are you doing now, how is your life? As I write so much about our work and life, it doesn’t mean we’re not interested in deepening our relationship with you. How can we pray for you? Please, do take time to respond, we really care!

Time flies by so fast that this mail is reaching you later than usual. Sorry for that. There are so many things happening that some urgent matters have won over important ones.
Yes, by God’s grace, a number of long term projects are completed. 16 months of very intense work on a new version, 3.0, of our flagship software, that provides spiritual e-learning, named “Codex” by Gele is completed, now we proceed to the intense tests and implementation stage. We hope all our partners will be using it by the end of this year, the transfer will be done by our Wisla team. We pray the new system will increase the number of people who are seriously interested in learning more about the Lord.

Second session of our book writing, with sister Nina, brother Adam and spouses

Miracle every day

On the Sept. 1 we launched the Polish version of “Miracles Every Day”. We have already a several thousand subscribers to this stimulating daily message. We are so encouraged by the number of e-mails it has provoked.

Office extension

Our office extension building project is completed. We set ourselves very ambitious task, to get from a hole in the ground to a completed building in four months. Again, by God’s grace and the hard work of the many teams of professionals involved, we have already moved in to our beautiful new environment. The weather has been difficult, a lot of rain, it prevented us laying the new grass, but that work has now resumed.
A full picture album will be presented in next month’s Update, the official opening was just last Sunday. Fantastic! More to come.

New Wisla office – here still under construction. Photos of the finished project in the next update 🙂

New Radio CCM and Radio Fest studios

After a summer of very intense work, our Radio CCM and Radio Fest studios were moved to new premises Friday week ago. Their new home needed extensive modernization and refurbishment plus all the technical work of sound proofing, wiring, studio building, etc.. The final result is both beautiful and efficient. We pray it will provide a better listening experience to our hundreds of thousands of listeners. Pictures next month!

Great visit of James Magnuson, (second from left), son of my dear late friend, Roger Magnuson, who was used by the Lord to dream big vision!

History Makers and Outback

All of that is on top of our regular ministry work, as Summer/early fall is one of the best times for activities. There was a great History Makers week for young leaders. Last weekend we finished the third Outback camp this year, this one was for married couples, with 100 guests and 120 volunteers caring for them. The weather forecast was for solid rain the whole weekend, but on Saturday, scheduled for outdoor sports activities, the rain stopped at 10.00am and didn’t return until 4.30pm when the sports were over! Throughout the weekend there was a strong sense of God’s Spirit being present, many transformed lives, just wonderful! Thank you, Jesus!

History Makers week long conference for young leaders

Outback men’s group before the weekend

Outback scenery 🙂

On the personal note

Last but VERY important – our first grandchild was born, Heidi Helena Krol, in a hospital in Austria. We were aware that she has four heart defects the doctors were to deal with, so your prayers are very, very much appreciated. The baby had an 11 hour long operation that was successful, still, heart is only slowly joining the pumping effort supported by machinery. The miracle is – she is in the best possible children clinic in the World, with Doctor Mayer being the one who has done the highest number of such very complex operations, 45 (!). Bogusia and I plan to drive there to share the joy but also pray for God’s grace and healing for our little princess.

Thank you, Friend, for being with us all the time, watching God using our small efforts to influence others. And thank you, too, for all your prayers and involvement. You are a significant part of all we do. Keep on, dear friend!

Yours very thankfully,

5 days of vacations on Polish lakes++

Thank You Lord

Progress on August prayer requests

  • Miracles Every Day daily devotions in full swing, in Polish language!
  • Building in Wisla completed, already work going on there!
  • Radio operating out of new headquarters and studios, still in Gliwice!
  • Wonderful, blessed History Makers young leaders training
  • FANTASTIC Outback, no. 12 so far! Bigger than ever!
  • Completed Codex by Gele 3.0, after very intense, 16 months’ work of a team

Please pray

September prayer requests

  • Health for little Heidi
  • A new production of Paul Trip, an American marriage counselor – films for married couples
  • New episodes of Superbook children TV bible stories to be translated into Polish
  • Many more e-coaches needed, as the work is growing.
  • Helping training e-coaches for Isik Abla ministry in the USA.
  • Writing our book (an extensive family history), that if will bring glory to Jesus and inspire many believers. Now it is switching into my priorities. We pray also for finding the very best editor for this book, in the US or England.
  • projects in Hungary and Romania where we want to assist, as much as we can.
  • More financial resources to keep the work growing. There is a wonderful momentum we see, but “fuel” is needed to keep things moving forward! Please, pray for it with us.
  • Our annual, Polish e-coach conference, Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2017, God’s special anointing and blessing, protection, stimulating program, His presence obvious to all participating, new enthusiasm and passion for the work in the next season.

August 2017 in numbers:

  • 8 216 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 8 921 people visited landing pages
  • 682 people requested follow-up
  • 176 evangelistic courses finished

Some of the initial messages received last month from seekers

  • Does God exist?
    Boy, 15-17
  • I can’t trust myself. I’m an alcocholic. I’m in a therapy but it doesn’t help much. Can God free me?
    Man, 35-44
  • What is the right way to address God in our prayers? Is it “God”, “Lord”, “Creator”, “Jahwe”, “Jesus”, “Father”? Are all these accepted?
    Woman, 55-64
  • Why it is so hard to forgive ourselves?
    Woman 35-44
  • How it works? I asked God in prayer to heal my wife not once but oven and over. Now since a month I’m a widower – my wife has died. Priest told me “God gave and God has taken”. I don’t agree with that statement…
    Man, >65
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