About New Europe Communications

New Europe Communications partners with Polish believers to effectively equip them to reach Europe for Christ.

How it all started?

NEC was established in 2004 after close friends of the DeoLink Association (also referred to as DeoLink) had witnessed first hand the impact of the ministry over the years. Seeing the challenges DeoLink faced, these friends wanted to develop a lasting partnership that could help resource the efforts of the ministry for years to come.


The purpose of NEC is to advise DeoLink where appropriate and to support their mission through fundraising, allowing the Polish team to focus energy on their core ministry.

Our Board

The NEC Board:

  • Wes Griffin – Chairman
    – Founder and President of International Leadership Institute
  • John Handelsman – Vice-Chairman and Secretary
    CEO of Commonwealth Ventures
  • Bill Hightower Member
    – Businessman & former Alabama Senator
  • Henryk Krol – Member
    Founder and President of DeoLink Association, Poland

Board of Reference:

  • Dr Mike MacIntosh
    Pastor & President Horizon International, San Diego, CA
  • Joni Eareckson-Tada
    Joni & Friends, Los Angeles, CA
  • David Johnson
    Former President HCJB World Radio, Colorado Springs, CO
  • George Verwer
    Founder Operation Mobilisation, London, Great Britain
  • Ian Mackie
    President United Christian Broadcasting, Stoke on Trent, Great Britain
  • Martien Timmer
    President 3 x M, Holland
  • Professor Jerzy Buzek
    Former Prime Minister of Polish Republic Government, Poland
    Former Chairman to the European Parliament, Poland & Belgium

How we proceed?

The Board meets with the Polish DeoLink leaders virtually every quarter, where all the current matters are discussed and action steps are agreed upon. Once a year, the Board and Polish leaders meet in person to discuss, plan, and pray for the next steps of growth.

NEC assists with fundraising in the US and oversees the disbursement of funds designated for specific projects in Poland. A comprehensive reporting system has been developed to monitor finances and measurable outcomes of the ministry for full accountability and transparency. NEC has no paid staff and any administrative expenses are covered by a solitary donor.

Why Poland?

Poland is located in the very center of geographical Europe. Its unique position has long been viewed as critically important in world history. Bordering Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany, and the Baltic Sea, Poland is a beautiful and safe country. It is a member of the European Union with a western infrastructure.

Historically, Poland has a conservative approach to religion (Catholicism). There is still a broad general awareness of God, but even this has been rapidly decreasing with each generation.

From a cultural perspective, Poland is viewed to be behind the curve of the critical Western moral decay, perhaps some five years behind the US and ten years behind Western Europe. This presents unique opportunities and new challenges for discipleship.

Many people, particularly the young, find themselves with big life questions, with contemporary media promoting a secular, liberal worldview. We have the opportunity to share a transformative alternative through leading them to the truth of Jesus.

DeoLink is well positioned in Poland with decades of trust built with churches and international partners.


The annual budget of DeoLink is approximately $2 million USD. Approximately 50% of our funding is received through donations. NEC has been able to support DeoLink over the years through its connections with US Foundations, churches, and individual donors.

DeoLink has been recognized by Excellence in Giving, a US based organization, as a trustworthy operation with a certificate of Intelligent Philanthropy.