October 2016

We greet you warmly, in the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ! September has been a “full speed” month for us the ministry has grown significantly in so many directions. Hundreds of people are involved, so it is really hard to give a full picture of what is happening. So my mail is very subjective, just one perspective, things that keep me focused and heart-warming. Just 5 highlights:

US trip

I was in States, at the Outback Board meeting. I also was able to meet International Leadership Institute (ILI) friends. It is so stimulating to see acceleration, both at ILI and Outback. New goals are set to reach many more people for Christ. We are talking about millions of people, worldwide! Well documented and tested as a result of the multiplication of disciples. But the good news is, we see it happening! With the new technology, Internet, etc., scalability is possible! So our little tech team plugs in with solutions already tested within Jesus.net. What a better banner for a cooperation then Jesus himself? We are so excited to be a part of God’s plan!

History Makers weekly camp in Poland.

History Makers – a place where young Christians (age 18 to 30) learn about setting a strong foundation for their life and their ministry.

Paulina Krol writes:


There was one completely sunny week in Poland this year, in mid-September, when we had our History Makers conference in the south of Poland. Over 30 emerging leaders spent time digging deeper into God’s Word and its application to every area of their lives. In various interactive ways we discussed the eight core values based on the ILI (International Leadership Institute) materials, reflected on our personal growth path and prayed for each other. God was focusing the attention of participants on topics such as working on family relationships, being more efficient in terms of time management, stirring up passion for evangelism, etc. We had a very blessed time and left inspired to really invest in our daily intimate relationship with God, which is the foundation of a godly life.

Participants wrote:

Outback Polska September weekend for married couples and parent-child.

Outback Poland wouldn’t be possible if not our dear guest from US that helped us to bring it to Poland. Special thanks for Mack and Bill!

As always, “the last-one (the ninth) was the best-one”! Our God can (and does) make miracles. People, often antagonistic when they arrive, get broken hearts under the cross and reconcile with their past and between themselves. Some testimonials are listed at the end of this Update.

Outback Ukraine

Outback Ukraine has started! First group of Christian leaders experienced Outback and started preparing for year 2017!

Right after our Polish Outback, Mack Ogren, International Director Outback, Andrzej Pilch from our team and myself we went to Ukraine to help with launching Outback in the Ukraine. This process was started over a year ago, with 11 Ukrainian couples attending our Polish events. Ukraine is now facing offering an incredible opening (!). Torn by the war, corruption, poverty and over 7 million people leaving for the West to earn a living, it now has perhaps the biggest degree of religious freedom ever! Three weeks ago Parliament accepted a law allowing Evangelical, protestant believers unlimited rights to have meetings, marches and events everywhere. They are seen as the only group having clear vision of how to change the country!!!. 2017 was announced by the Parliament a Year of the Reformation (500th anniversary) with many events planned on a national and regional scale. Outback was just fantastic! People from CBN help us with a lot of backing.

“You are needed” conference

Our e-coach conference this year was held in very interesting place. More about that in next Update.

This weekend (Oct. 7 – 9) we’ve had our Polish annual e-coach conference, “You are needed”. A record number of people has signed in, (over 200) so we’ve had to close registration as the venue would not allow more. God has answered our prayers, it was very special time! More about it in the next Update!Well, dear Friend, thanks for all your prayers. We see lots of blessing, there is a real momentum. This is our joined work, in partnership with You, our prayer warrior and supporter!

Yours very thankfully,

Thank You Lord

Progress on September prayer requests

  • Fantastic, fruitful Polish Outback!
  • Great trip to Ukraine, many new links and cooperation ideas.
  • Special time of God’s inspiration during our E-coach conference
  • Many new plans on implementation of Internet with ILI and Outback.
  • New person – Krzysztof joined our IT team!
  • Our IT team active and effective, new products produced.

Please pray

October prayer requests

  • Best ways to use the remaining Gospel of John booklets, to see measurable results.
  • Finalizing, before end of October the launch of our flagship, discipleship software, CODEX/Gele 3.0, in beta version.
  • Several new on-line courses, both training volunteers and helping seekers;
  • Blessing and help for the Ukrainian team of Outback and Jesus.net.
  • Blessing for implementation of new marketing strategy of our Internet courses.

September 2016 in numbers:

  • 18 388 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 14 014 people visited landing pages
  • 353 people requested follow-up
  • 85 people finished evangelistic courses

Surveys conducted after Outback

Did you experienced anything special during Outback weekend? What was it?

  • I renewed my marriage relationship
  • I learned that I can trust my husband
  • I renewed my relationship with my dad
  • I’ve fully trusted God
  • I’ve cried like a child
  • I’ve overcome my fears and lack of trust
  • I had time with my Son
  • I had a chance to talk to my mother, say what I feel and she listened to me
  • I’ve found a way in my life. I know God will lead me now
  • I realized that I can cooperate with my mother
  • The exercises helped me to understand my child and get closer to him
  • I got rid of anxiety to my parents. I wrote them a letter
  • I’ve seen Jesus in other people
  • I’ve opened my heart to Jesus

What decision/challenge you’ve taken?

  • Surrendering my life to Jesus – 15 people
  • Renewing my relationship with Jesus – 15 people
  • 6-week Bible reading plan – 32 people
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