November 2016

Thank you for your continued interest in our ministry! We are so thankful for your prayers. When I think about all the blessing and immense progress we are witnessing, the only reason I can see is that so many people are praying for us. Please, continue!

E-coach conference

Our annual e-coach conference was a very moving experience. After spending so much time “on line”, in a virtual world – finally you can meet number of people physically and see that there are real people, with warm hearts and eager to follow Jesus.

With over 200 people signing up for our conference, we are beginning to have problems to find inexpensive hotels that can accommodate us. The Word of God was our main focus; it is the ultimate source of motivation and passion. Our main speaker was Peter Pereira from India, an International Leadership Institute (ILI) director for India, used in a mighty way by God. Peter came with his wife Esther. Also, we had from Great Britain, as a speaker, Helen Thorne, an experienced counselor offering teaching on how to deal with difficult situations; e.g., personal problems, anorexia, addictions, self-image, etc. There was also time for training for candidates to be e-coaches, introducing new projects, and a wonderful fellowship while sharing many testimonials. All surrounded in great music of praise to our Lord.This year we also had guests from Ukraine, Czech Republic, Germany and France. It is always very stimulating to see we are a part of a bigger, family. Serving the Lord is so special!

More about the conference on pictures 🙂

Three days of fellowship, teaching, love, fun and great inspiration to E-coaches, guests and people that are interested in the ministry.

Space needed!

As I am repeating in every Update, we see growth in every direction of our ministry. But it also pushes us towards a real need for organizational development. Now, as more people work in our IT section we need added space for them, so presently two of our bedrooms were turned into offices :). So we have decided to add in our private house – a pavilion attached to our basement that could accommodate 8 work places and a small conference room for up to 24 people.

The Radio ministry in Gliwice hopes and pray about moving to a new office building, that some of our friends want to invest in. 🙂 Some of our Outback leaders are dreaming about building in Poland an JH Ranch… modelled by our American friends… So a lot of prayer is needed!

Our International links are also strengthening… Just recently our team came back from a great training time in Norway, soon we go to Budapest.

Polish team together with Kjetil Fyllingen – Norwegian coordinator (second on the left). Please pray for Kjetil and his small (but growing!) team of E-coaches.

What’s important?

It is not activities that are the most important. We are also witnessing good results in the spiritual realm. More people are coming to our discipleship platform now, over 9.800 people are enrolled in one in the Polish language! In all the languages it is over 68.000 (!) Praise God! Many new projects are in the pipeline, over 20 as I write. I would love to describe each one to you because we are so excited as we prayerfully work on them, expecting a great impact for the Kingdom!

Dear friend passed away

The really sad for us thing was the departure to eternity of our close friend and colleague, Stas Cieslar, member of our original Christian Music Band, for many years vice-Mayor of Wisla, part of our closest “founders” team, who after 13 months of struggling with cancer went to glory. Many of you knew him, our trumpet player.

Dear Friend, thanks for all your prayers. We see lots of blessing and a real momentum. This is our joined work, in partnership with You, our prayer warrior and supporter!

At the end of a year, some of our friends are asking also about our monetary needs. Yes, your help would be greatly welcomed! For US donors, we have a 501c3 structure in the US that sends 100% of received monies to us. So if you want to help us with the developments, please, go to web page where you will find bank details.

Yours very thankfully,

Thank You Lord

Progress on October prayer requests

  • Wonderful e-coach conference!
  • Great trip to Norway
  • Several projects accomplished, with great results!
  • Many new plans on implementation of Internet with ILI and Outback.
  • Out IT team active and effective, new products produced.

Please pray

November prayer requests

  • School campaign with Gospel of John augmented reality booklets, connected to Gospel of John movie, to see measurable results.
  • Catching up with the delay with the launch of our flagship, discipleship software, CODEX/Gele 3.0, in beta version.
  • Several new on-line courses, both training volunteers and helping seekers;
  • Blessing and help for the Ukrainian, Czech, Lithuanian, Norwegian, German teams of that we try to help a little
  • Blessing for implementation of new marketing strategy of our Internet courses.

October 2016 in numbers:

  • 21 290 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 17 672 people visited landing pages
  • 325 people requested follow-up
  • 100 people finished evangelistic courses

Some of the messages received last month from seekers

  • How can I find God? This night I was thinking about suicide but something has stopped me from doing that. I think it’s God but I don’t know if I can make it any longer. Maybe you can help me?
    Man, 25-34
  • I am an atheist. Do you talk to atheists?
    Man, over 65
  • I don’t have any friends and sometimes I would like to talk to somebody. My mum is supporting me but it’s not the same. Now I feel sad that I have nobody to go out for pizza. I’m sorry, i don’t know what to do…
    Woman, 25-34
  • After one year brake I went to the confession today. I didn’t get absolution because I continue to live with my girlfriend. Why is that?
    Man, 18-21
  • How can I be close to God? How can I trust Him?
    Woman, 45-54
  • I want to feel God but I don’t know how. I would like him to show me the way.
    Girl, 15-17
  • Can you pray for me?
    Man, 25-34
  • Hello. I have one question. Can God help me? I really don’t know if I can make it any longer. I was thinking about suicide few times but I haven’t tried it. I have family, I don’t want to leave them but it’s hard for me. I’m not a good wife and finally now I see that. I don’t know what to do. I haven’t spoke to anybody about that…
    Woman, 22-24
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