May 2016

Exciting days! So many things happening, so many great prospects! We had our Polish Board meeting, and General Assembly of our DEOrecordings Association. Two new, much younger Board members were selected: Witold Ruszczynski, a businessman, dear friend from Żory and our daughter, Paulina Krol. Again, experiencing a spirit of unity, dynamism and surrender to the Lord. It was a joy to have also with us our senior member, Bishop Zdzislaw Tranda, who is now 90 years old. He came by himself with a train, from Warszawa… always incredible commitment!

General Assembly of our DEOrecordings Association and two new members of the borad: Witek Ruszczyński and Paulina Król.

Bishop Zdzislaw Tranda (our senior member and former president) with Justyna and Filip.

Then I was in Brussels at Board meeting. A very important-one, as we have added to the Board new members – Wes Griffin, President of International Leadership Institute, our long term friend and partner and Mr&Mrs Jean Pierre & Chantal Barry. Barries have incredible experience in contemporary media. They just have sold 90% of EuroMedia Group of companies, that they built from scratch in past 35 years up to the position of no.1 media company in Europe (!) You may just imagine, how interesting was our meeting, as we want to accelerate spread of the gospel using most effective approaches… More about their former company at: They have formed a new company, ZeWachers, that is to produce and promote some of the very best, contemporary evangelism tools and content…
I do not need to add, that we feel all excited, and our Polish ministry looks forward to partnering and learning lots of new stuff from them… board meeting with three new members: Mr Wes Griffin (International Leadership Institute) Mr&Mrs Jean Pierre & Chantal Barry (ZeWachers, EuroMedia Group)

We are also in the middle of preparations for the World Youth Day. The film, Gospel of John, is translated, brochure is in printing, augmented reality application, that is to accompany brochure is in production. Still, some more content must be filmed/created what is not as fast as we would like because our Tymek, guy who deals with filming is just about finishing his university studies and has very limited time for our work…
We have number of encouraging meetings with some of the Catholic leadership. We put together a on-line course on sharing testimonials, and they want all their thousands of volunteers involved in evangelism – to film their conversion stories. WOW! It is going to be very interesting!

Krzysztof trip to Niger, to the Radio Fidelite people was postponed for a few days as his passport, sent to the Consulate in Berlin was lost… Finally, they found it, but Krzysztof still waits for Visa.

Well, dear Friend, as you see, we still desperately need your prayers. God’s will is our ultimate goal, reading it, working towards its fulfillment and implementation, this is our passion.

Yours very thankfully,

Thank You Lord

Progress on April prayer requests

  • Hi speed of doing Unshackled radio drama. As it will stop at the end of May, we work very intensely to complete a certain series. Praise the Lord!
  • Spirit of unity and passion among staff and volunteers.
  • Finishing translation of the movie “Gospel of John”.
  • Finally, a mobile application with daily reading is technically working!
  • Our Multimedia Resource Center application already ready!

Please pray

May prayer requests

  • My story testimonials to be filmed by at least 500 people, in May (!) – Catholic volunteers
  • Still more new people to join staff and volunteers as the needs grow.
  • New mobile application to accompany “Living Gospel of John” that demands lot of work on our side!!! There is some delay there
  • New energy for our volunteers, who daily spend time with seekers
  • Outback weekends that come closer. Some 200 guests expected in June, on two consecutive weekends
  • Preparing a comprehensive strategy for leading thousands of young Catholics on World Youth Days towards a close relationship with Jesus. Several courses are still to be prepared

April 2016 in numbers:

  • weekly radio audience is 800 000
  • 25 546 people visited our evangelistic page
  • 14 894 people visited landing pages
  • 407 people requested follow-up
  • 88 people finished evangelistic courses

Messages from seekers

  • How to get closer to God? Where should I start?
    Woman, 22-24
  • Please pray for me. My husband has cancer. Faith is the only thing that keep us going. What can I do when fear and hope mix together? I really want to help my loved one but I don’t know how to do it. Where I can look for help? How to reconcile with God?
    Woman, 45-54
  • Hello. I have a personal problem. I think I’m addicted to pornography. I’m a believer and I cant understand why I still keep sinning. I pray for freedom in the name of Jesus but it doesn’t change my situation. What should I do? I surrendered my life to Jesus but the old nature still is present. I hear others saying if somebody is a believer he no longer sins so I think that my conversion wasn’t true. On the other hand I feel that Jesus is present in my life and helps me a lot. Please help me find some answers and please pray for me.
    Man, 35-44
  • How can I once again find God in my life ?
    Man, 15-17
  • I want my parents to reconcile and to see peace in my home…
    Girl, 12-14
  • I’m planning for abortion. I have three kids, I won’t make it with four. We have financial difficulties and I don’t know if we will have a place to live. I don’t have anybody to talk to, my husband don’t understands me.
    Woman, 25-34
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