June 2022

Warm greetings from Wisla, Poland! Our proximity to the Russo / Ukrainian conflict is proving to be a major disruption to our daily lives and causing much suffering to those on the front lines.

We keep in close touch with the leaders of the Slaviensk church, just 15 km / 10 miles from the present frontier where the war started in 2014.

In 2014, the Russians commandeered the beautiful church building and turned it into military headquarters throwing believers out (literally) into street. The church members prayed long and with great intensity and zeal. A few days later, during the night, such a fear came upon the Russian bullies that they run out from the building leaving their guns, ammunition, and military gear behind. It was like something one might read in the Bible or a recounting of the Six Day War in Israel!

Watch some photos from distribution of food in Ukraine.

This church has initiated, in the mean-time, another 20+ churches in that area, with hundreds of people coming to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.

One of the churches is in Sumy, a town taken by the Russians and then abandoned to the Ukrainians. This is where most of our humanitarian help goes, purchased with your donations.

Literally hundreds of people weekly are receptive to hearing the Gospel and receiving Christ.

Nobody can reliably predict future The only safe shelter that cannot be destroyed by a bullet or an atomic bomb is eternal life! We have just sent as a gift a minibus over the border filled with humanitarian aid and literature.

The passion of those believers is so huge that it reinvigorates our motivation.
Actually, they would like to get a mobile stage with sound system, lights, LED screen and a vehicle to tow it all, to be able to reach all the villages of Eastern Ukraine with the gospel. If anybody else claimed to have dreams like that I would be suspicious. But seeing their faith and commitment remove my doubt, it will happen!
If anyone would like to contribute to this huge, project – please, send us your donations! More on that in our Ukrainian reporting page:


Van, literature and humanitarian aid expedited to Ukraine.

We want to express our profound gratitude to you for sending money towards Ukrainian aid! We are prayerfully using that money in the most needed areas, using our many connections with trustworthy believers we’ve known for years aiding in the distribution.
On top of all the forgoing, our Polish ministry is also proceeding at full speed, with a number of new projects, good development, etc.

Our wonderful vacation with Andrew and Mariola.

We also enjoyed a vacation with my wife, Bogusia, and a couple from our staff. Unfortunately, I had (have)sciatica, it diluted some of the pleasure. Nevertheless, it was a good time!
Straight from the holiday I joined a European Leadership Forum, held in Wisla. Hundreds of people from all over Europe attended, a great time to network and listen to good, biblical teaching!

European Leadership Forum conference in Wisla, May 2022.

Then I was invited, with my wife, Bogusia and Adam, to the Global Summit of Open Doors in Warsaw, a place, where in 1955 Brother Andrew was led by the Lord to start this great movement!

As in 1970-80 we had a little part in it (e.g. receiving Polish bibles and literature, and distributing it through our extensive concert tours, but also helping with smuggling Russian Bibles) – we had the honour to meet people from five continents, leaders, often from highly persecuted churches – you may just imagine how much passion, enthusiasm and commitment there was! A greatly encouraging time, indeed.

Polish delegation at the Open Doors summit in Warsaw.

Now we start our JH Outback Poland weekends, the whole of June is busy with that! What a wonderful opportunity to many couples to improve their relations, under the cross! Very positive time! One of the Outbacks will be in Ukrainian, for refugees…

This busy season will have its finale with a “Woman Breakfast”, run by Bogusia with friends, where hundreds of woman are invited to Wisla. And then we shall have a chance to get into more balanced work load.

Preparation for Outback weekends.

King David was born to Szczepan and Marysia, our fifth’ grandchild (our surname means King)

Friends, we deeply appreciate your Friendship! Together, we may change the World, in the power of Holy Spirit! The Lord is answering prayers, indeed!

If anyone would be prompted to support our mission, please, contact me directly or click the button below: Every donation helps!

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Answered May prayers:

  • Substantial money received for Ukrainian help! Thank you so much!
  • Thousands of copies of good spiritual material, tracks, stickers, bags with links to our Ukrainian courses, web pages arriving all the time, together with humanitarian help!
  • The Ukrainian discipleship web page started two months ago is getting growing traffic. Five new e-coaches in training for it, two already working.
  • Literally hundreds of Ukrainian people near the front-lines are accepting Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
  • Outback family for Ukrainians (mothers- teenage children) at weekends confirmed and in preparation.

Friends, please pray

June prayer requests:

  • Peace for the region!
  • Wisdom in clear envisioning of the major Ukrainian project of a mobile stage to be used in villages near front line.
  • Training many more e-coaches to help on-line people who spend many hours daily on their phones.
  • Developing top quality content for a new Ukrainian course platform.
  • Sharing the gospel when so many are desperate, calling on phones, their relatives, etc.
  • Polish Outback weekends planned for June 2022, but also for Ukrainian and Czech weekends.
  • Planning our Annual e-coach Mission Conference, that this year will also include Ukrainians, August 26 – 28, 2022 in Wisla
  • Woman breakfast – to make a difference in people’s lives
  • Better business for Radio CCM, businesses starting to advertise again. Many new connections coming to the “intermediate” web page www.misjaccm.pl
  • Continuing asking the Lord’s help and mercy for our dear friends, Roland Hinz, Phill Butler, Carol Williams and Rob Sieval, who suffer serious illnesses. Please, keep on praying.

Poland, May 2022 in numbers:

  • 21,520 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 1,347 people requested follow-up
  • 346 evangelistic courses completed

Some testimonials from outback:

  • People! The people who help others at the Outback camp are amazing, it is impossible to describe it, you have to be here. And I must admit that I came here under duress, now I know how “stupid” I was.
  • The entire stay was a gift from God! For a long time I was looking for Him, and it was He who found me!
  • I learned a lot about myself. I brought my husband to change and God changed me.
  • I have changed my perspective on many things. I heard that God is great and works miracles!
  • I experienced a change in my thinking about my life, relationship, and marital relationship. I learned what the body of Christ means on the example of a small group, where I felt accepted and loved.
  • I saw what is important to me, who is important to me and to whom I am important.
  • The testimony of Jarek and Ela moved me. Gave me hope that everything could be saved with God’s help.
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