June 2016

So many things have happened in May that I will only be able to give you just a birds-eye view of some of the events and activities we have been involved in. I must add that usually each of them has a follow-up and an outcome, this is why we do it, that Christ may be glorified!A lot of traveling! One team went first to Czech Republic where they were giving training for e-coaches. Kamila, our main specialist on training is a real expert and is warmly welcomed in many places. She also went to Lithuania and had a two day session for our Jesus.net partners there.

A different team went to Romania (including Bogusia and me) to help with the launch of the Outback. It is quite a process so we expect several Romanian couples to come to Poland as our guests to experience Outback for themselves so they will know to how lead their own weekends.

First Outback in Romania! With guests from States and Poland.

American couples that stand behind Romania

Another team of five, with Norbert and Filip went to Bosnia, to the famous town of Sarajevo, where the scars of war are still visible everywhere. They met with the leadership of Bosnian Jesus.net and it was a very rewarding trip. It is 90% Muslim city. Jesus.net was launched a few months earlier and drew some interest but nobody signed up for the discipleship course which was our objective. After the training (and before our car had even got back to Wisla) the two first people had enrolled! Joy in the camp! As I write today 17 people have signed up. The team is very happy!

We will remember the time in Bosnia for a long time. Great encouragement coming from believers living in this wounded and divided country. Please pray for them!

Another team, Andrew & Mariola went to the Ukraine where they were joined by Mack and Janice Ogren, International director of Outback ministry from US and were promoting and preparing the Ukrainians for their first Outback weekend to be held in the fall 2016. We already had seven Ukrainian couples in Poland, next week we will have another four couples. Those who experience Outback become natural leaders.

Also Robert Cieslar, our server administrator and Filip went for three days to the US, to the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and Back to the Bible with whom we partner and supply with our technology. Then two important conferences, European Leadership Forum (fortunately in Wisla) where we had six of our leaders participating, then a conference in Prague for the European Great Commission Coalition, a new initiative created by our friend and Board member, Adam Walach, whom the Lord is leading to mobilize wealthy believers in Europe to cooperate in financing strategic evangelistic projects on our sinking continent. He is the best example of doing that! Several US foundations are doing all they can to support this initiative.

Filip, Robert and Edward at Billy Graham Evangelistic Association office working on Jesus.net statistics dashboard project.

How to measure our impact? Great discussion between Jesus.net, Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, CRU (Campus Crusade) and Back to the Bible. We don’t want to measure just numbers but see the real impact in people lives.

ELF (European Leadership Forum) again took place in Wisla! Good time of networking and encouragement.

In the mean-time our young people’s music band, Czesc had a concert with a Catholic audience (10 – 20 thousand people) with a Message of salvation exposed

Our young music band “Cześć ” (means Hi = Glory) during big Catholic event “Be like Jesus “.

So, that is the past, but this week we have the first Outback weekend with another next week, something to pray for. There are so many people in trouble who come to these events and we have already seen in the past how the Lord has changed lives and situations.

Early July – there is, again, Dziegielow Gospel Week and many other plans.

Bogusia and I have planned a vacation for some quiet time together in the Polish lake district at the end of this month.

Bogusia invites you to our Annual eCoach Conference (October 7th to 9th.)

Yes, this is a view from doorseps of conference hotel… And you’re invited!

Krzysztof’s trip to Niger has been postponed till fall. First his passport was lost in the mail (!), than it took much longer to get a visa, then he got ill, plus it is now the rainy season there and that make the life of a European really difficult, health-wise! So he took it as a sign from the Lord.

Dear Friend, your prayers are very important to us. We know that everything that has real value don’t come from human strength but from God alone. Please look at the list below and pray for our current needs.

Yours very thankfully,

Thank You Lord

Progress on May prayer requests

  • Huge blessing of many “training” visits, people involved greatly encouraged. Protection on many roads!
  • Spirit of unity and passion among staff and volunteers.
  • Two new web sites finished and published
  • Finally, a mobile application with daily reading is technically working!
  • Our Multimedia Resource Center application already ready!
  • Many new polish testimonies added to MyStory.me portal

Please pray

June prayer requests

  • Preparing on-line evangelistic applications for World Youth Day, to make a real difference!
  • Still more new people to join staff and volunteers as the needs grow.
  • Good progress with the application to accompany “Living Gospel of John” that demands lot of work on our side!!! It must be finished really soon!
  • New energy for our volunteers, who daily spend time with seekers
  • Outback weekends that come closer. Some 200 guests expected in June, on two consecutive weekends
  • Preparing a comprehensive strategy for leading thousands of young Catholics on World Youth Days towards a close relationship with Jesus. Several courses are still to be prepared
  • A small, informal three day long “vacation” in Wisla for top leaders of evangelical denominations to deepen friendship, understanding and real cooperation in helping seekers coming from Internet.

May 2016 in numbers:

  • weekly radio audience is 800 000
  • 16 789 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 13 554 people visited landing pages
  • 369 people requested follow-up
  • 66 people finished evangelistic courses

Messages from seekers

  • How can I read the signs God sends me? How can I know if what I’m doing is right?
    Man, 35-44
  • My husband has left me. I need prayer somebody I could talk to…
    Woman, 25-34
  • I don’t know how to start… I have a lot on my mind… my life has colapsed in every possible area. I’m depressed and I try to fight but I don’t see a sense of life. Self-mutilation is my problem too… I can’t control it. I’m going to do that in a moment and in the morning I will wake up with bad conscious… I don’t understand myself anymore and I don’t know where to look for help
    Woman, 22-24
  • I have a question concerning my brother. He was a good man for all his life but last year he has left his wife and found another woman. At the beginning of May he had an accident and got into coma for 10 days. He didn’t have chance to go to confession. Yesterday he died (young man – 40 years old). Many people were praying for him. I have a question: Why God didn’t answer that prayers? Does my brother has any chance for purgatory and later for eternal life with God?
    Man, 35-44
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