January / February 2023

This year is planned to be an important year for the development of Outback in Poland and in Europe. We pray for starting Outback in few new places in Poland and abroad.

We are all aware that the world is going in the wrong direction, away from God. It is so sad, because we have personally experienced that life with Jesus – as Lord and Leader – is fulfilling and gives deep satisfaction which the world desperately searches for. Yes, Jesus is relevant despite people being brainwashed otherwise.

Our Christmas staff meeting (with spouses) inclusive of our seniors. Beautiful family!

Outback Agape

I was once again touched by the reality of God’s intervention when recently, at our Outback Agape, a few testimonials were shared. A despotic mother, presently a widow, in conflict with her family and most of her neighbors – finally attended Outback with her believing, adult son (who was saved at a previous Outback). She totally melted under the cross, her character was changed and now, with this same energy – she tells others about Jesus with joy and kindness…

Outback Agape gathering January 6th

We all love to sing good worship songs.

Good fellowship, real friendships build.

Our constant prayer is: how to communicate the good news about salvation and the possibility of a new, meaningful direction of life to people, who do not care, and reject not only religion but values in general; who are self-centered, egoistic, even proud of it? But at the same time – who are open to new ideas, adopting all the trends quickly, spending 6+ hours per day in front of screens, etc.?

Evangelism with Ukrainians in Poland

We helped to organize a dinner party for Ukrainian ladies, 90% unbelievers. Testimonials were shared and invitation to a group meetings. 30 ladies decided to start read Bible together.

This is one of such groups.

Those who attended all five meetings, were invited to our church for a service with a rented bus. Together with children there were 70 people. Now majority of them want to come regularly to the church, as we provide Ukrainian translation. After church we had little reception.

The Chosen in Poland

One of such new ways mentioned previously is The Chosen TV series. In December the first season was released with Polish voiceover and hundreds of thousands (millions?) have viewed it on numerous Internet streams and State TV1 channel. We received hundreds of written reactions from people, many deeply touching, telling they were never crying so much in front of their screens, discovering Jesus in a format they were not expecting, and so on. The testimonials are overwhelming, it is hard to read it with dry eyes… We prepared a number of “paths” for people, who want to become followers of Jesus. The only way to meet the need is to cooperate with churches, fellowships, organizations who are willing to leave their routine and get seriously involved with this amazing opportunity. And it does not come naturally, as we all know, so please, pray with us for more laborers!

„Jesus calls disciples in the second grade of elementary school”. Picture by The Chosen fans 🙂

Outback Vision Casting

This year is planned to be an important year for the development of Outback in Poland and in Europe. We pray for starting Outback in few new places in Poland and abroad. To start it off we’ve invited all the leaders and staff to a weekend conference with Mack and Sean – two great friends and Outback ambassadors. We’re very inspired by hearing about God’s work around the world and encouraged to pass the original JH Outback values to all the volunteers.

Great discussion of Outback leadership.

Mack, International director, Sean, US director of JH Outback, and our Emilian.

Our team, Mack and Sean from US, Ukrainians, Czech and Polish leaders. Wonderfull fellowship!

In many ways, 2022 was a record year for us. But as the Scripture says – we should rather “…rejoice that our names are written in a „Book of Life”. All the glory belongs to the Lord anyway! But with all the effort and hard work of many – it is reassuring to see positive results. On all our evangelistic digital platforms, the number of new people signing up to them exceeded 25.000, which is double compared with the previous year.

The daily devotionals based on the Scripture are also increasing their reach. And when we acknowledge that behind every number there are real people, in whom the Holy Spirit is doing His work – what could be better!

The sale of one of our radio stations, Radio FEST, is still not completed. The buyer has no funds, even though they assured us throughout the process that money is not a problem. Please, pray with us that the deal may be closed in January, as they promised. We continue to operate Radio CCM with its 5 transmitters.

Yes, Andrzej, we would be very thankful if you would join us in prayer for all those matters. We treasure your friendship so much!

God bless you!

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Answered December prayers:

  • Continuous growth of the four discipleship platforms run by the Polish ministry. Over 25 000 new people signed up in 2022!
  • The Chosen season 1 is already in full swing, in cinemas, State TV, numerous vod streams, etc. Hundreds of thousands (millions) have already seen it.
  • Great blessing of the Ukrainian projects, 6 700 people on our discipleship platform.
  • Over 5.5 million views of the Polish version of “The Bible Project” short films from their interception.
  • Very good year, financially, for our ministry. Thank you so much!
  • Wonderful Outback Agape reunion last week.

Friends, please pray

January and February prayer requests

  • Spirit of cooperation and partnership around The Chosen project, as we invite a number of organizations to be closely involved: Alpha Poland, Evangelical Poland, etc.
  • Finalizing the sale of our radio station that has one transmitter.
  • Developing cooperation with US-based Gloo! organization.
  • New courses that are in the pipeline for our e-learning platforms: in Polish, English and Ukrainian.
  • Many more laborers to help with the harvest that is huge!
  • Opening hearts of donors to help us expand the ministry in the future. The new year brings new, substantial needs.
  • Physical strength from the Lord for dear friends: Roland Hinz, Phil Butler, Mike MacIntosh, Peter Bye, who have been so much a part of our ministry over many years

December and January 2022/2023 in numbers:

From SzukajacBoga.pl (PL), GrowYourLife.net (EN), DrugiKrok.pl (PL), Nadiya.in.ua (UA)

  • 5610 new people registered for an online evangelistic/discipleship course
  • 1409 evangelistic/discipleship courses completed
  • 7571 conversations with E-coaches

Testimonials of people who have completed the course "The Chosen: Why Jesus" (online follow-up to The Chosen TV series)

  • For a long time I wanted to change something in my religious life, improve my relationship with God to feel and understand Him more. Not really it worked for me though. Thank God I accidentally turned on the TV just when the first episode of the ” The Chosen” began. Later I found out about this course. Participating in the course and watching the movie at the same time changed something in my life. I also know that we are unable to establish a relationship with God on our own, we must ask Him for it.
  • Inspired by the content of the film? This is a great space to connect with Jesus:)
  • I really enjoyed the course, I was able to re-examine my relationship with God, think about the issue of redemption and go deeper into it.
  • A great course on how to trust Jesus personally.
  • The course is simple and challenging at the same time. It opens up a lot of questions about my relationship with God. It allowed me to look inside myself a bit. Showed where I am.
  • At first, I thought I knew it all. Additionally, to move on you have to answer the questions. But writing with my e-coach forced me to think more, look deeper into myself. I recommend it.
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