January 2017

God has good plans for you in 2017! Both Old and New Testament are full of hope and promises informing us about renewal, new plans, new life, etc. Even when our bodies are getting weaker, His Spirit is renewing us with His encouragement. This thought was such an encouragement to me, after reading the Scriptures…We experienced so much of His faithfulness in 2016. Big and small things… Prayer works!

Our colleague from Studio DR, Darek, took a day off just before Christmas as he wanted to do some filming using our company drone. He filmed high in the mountains. The wind had built up and – drone could not return to the base station, was lost, the battery dead. Quite an expensive loss… He spent several hours searching on cliffs, slopes, among big trees, in snow (drone was white). The next day three more friends joined him seeking the machine, but without success. Again today, three guys went to the area, a last try, as weather forecast was for lots of fresh snow. Filip was able to decode a map of the last flight, but it was next to impossible to spot white on white. Two guys back in office thought “let us stop everything and start praying for the expedition”. We called guys on the slope, in woods, telling we had prayed. In 5 minutes we got a phone back – they found it! Under snow, 100 meters from last signal place, legs up, hardly visible! WOW! If the Lord could answer such prayers, why should we doubt when we ask for more? For me it is the best entry into new year!

Rescue team:) Read the story above.

We are so blessed! The Lord has entrusted us so much, we have fantastic recording studio, video facilities, FM radio network, great Internet presence with millions people reached. Teams of media/IT professionals. Hundreds of unpaid Team Members (UTM) who daily serve hundreds of seekers. So at the beginning of this year we want to say: “Lord, we totally trust you, please, direct us, use us, take our bodies as living sacrifice and turn it into your glory. We want to be part of your plan for mankind. Open our minds and hearts to You. We desperately need more of You and your Spirit!”Yes, we have some 10 open projects we want to continue and expand, there are some 29 new, pending projects/ideas we are prayerfully considering. We need your help, Friend, your prayers, interest, support. Thank you for being with us all the years, and being our partner!

Let us not forget: “I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring my salvation to the ends of the earth”. (Isaiah 49/6b)

Yours very thankfully,

Listen to a song recorded in December by Zespol Cześć – our team members.
The Truth came to the World


Thank You Lord

Progress on December prayer requests

  • Yes, finishing first 12 episodes of Superbook children programs in Polish, already broadcast by Polish State TV on the first day of Christmas!
  • Great training sessions with school teachers of religion, over 20.000 booklets and phone applications distributed, to be used in schools in the Silesia district.
  • Great trip to Budapest, helping with Jesus.net Internet evangelism there
  • Our Radio found a good place to move into its offices and studios
  • Unity and spirit of love among staff and UTM

Please pray

January prayer requests

  • Preparing the best, God-led plans for 2017
  • Completing series 2 of Superbook – 13 episodes before February 15
  • Strength, perseverance and encouragement for all our UTMs (volunteers), who give so much time to help others! Spirit of unity, extra strength for Norbert who coordinates this growing work.
  • Outback family celebration, January 6, so that many would be encouraged
  • Three new staff to join our Wisla team in 2017
  • Finances that are needed to optimize activities.
  • Radio developments in 2017 and beyond; strength for Krzysztof and whole team.

December 2016 in numbers:

  • 12 504 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 13 784 people visited landing pages
  • 542 people requested follow-up
  • 210 people finished evangelistic courses

Some of the initial messages received last month from seekers

  • I have problem with addiction. Can you help me?
    Man, 22-24
  • What is the sens of life?
    Woman, 18-21
  • How can I start relationship with God? What is prayer? How God answers to questions?
    Man, 45-54
  • What can I do to be free from depression?
  • What should I do? What should be the attitude of a Christian in today’s world? There is so much danger around, I have a growing anger towards Muslims and immigrants. Can I disagree with the Pope?
    Boy, 15-17

Messages from people that finished “God’s Gift” Christmas course

  • 60 people indicated in December that this course helped them to make the decision for Christ. 50 people wanted us to send them paper version of New Testament. Some messages from them:
  • I really liked that course. It clarified to me many things and opened me to the relationship with God. Although it was just three days there was enough information to understand what’s most important and to start individual conversation with God. Thank’s for giving me this opportunity!
  • Beautiful course, it helped me to open my heart to God and His work inside me.
  • Really great course! Content of these short movies really speaks to the listener. The course was short and clear and God’s Gift is of great value!
  • The course was deep, simple and it spoke directly to my heart. I have a lot to think about…
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