January 2016

I am using this New Testament greeting, so seldom used today, as it expresses my deepest, heartfelt emotions as I think of you at the start of this New Year. I deeply treasure your friendship, prayers and all you do for us!

As you know, 2015 was very good for our ministry, we saw good progress in many areas, thousands of new people were connected, picked up through various on-line courses, hundreds have completed them, hundreds joined various small groups, etc.

As I was struggling hard in the last days of 2015, considering the best way forward for increasing the spread and impact of out outreach, I must confess the only idea that seemed practical and desirable was doing more of everything we have done thus far. I was eagerly praying for God’s solution. I felt I had exhausted all my own ideas. I was studying the scriptures and reading a number of books and it came to me like a bolt of lightning – 2016 for me should be a year of prayer.

I must get much deeper, personal rooting in Jesus, be a better disciple, live in His Kingdom. Then His thoughts and ideas will flow through me and there is definitely no limit then! Now I am so excited to look forward to what He will do in 2016, using our small team. WOW! Thank you, Jesus! There are, of course, many more creative people around me who are putting their hearts and energies into the ministry. Not to say I will stop traveling and being involved in number of activities, but simply changing my personal focus.

NEC (New Europe Communications) is our US based entity that supports ministry in Poland. NEC board, from the left: Kyle Williams, Hank Paulson, Jan Lisztwan, Scott Pressly and me.

Christmas special

At Christmas time our team prepared a special campaign in four stages, “unpack the present” – pointing out, that the real Christmas present was Jesus, given to the World. Over 6.000 people viewed it, and the good thing was – they were notchurchedpeople. Many professed their desire to start a relationship with Jesus and enrolled in a special 3 day course.

“Unpack the present” was a Christmas evangelistic campaign with Christmas cards, funny video, webpage and special course.

‘Small Outback’

On “Three Kings” day (a holiday in Poland) we had a great Outback reunion with some 150 volunteers/guests of from six previous family weekends.

Outback is an amazing program, we have so many candidates for 2016 that we had to add a third weekend this year to help those in need. Testimonials given of how Jesus has transformed humanly impossible situations into thriving, loving families bring tears to your eyes.

Great reunion with Outback participants during Agape afternoon. Sharing testimonials, fun, good food and giving thanks to our God!

World Youth Days

One of the biggest projects we plan in 2016 is our involvement with World Youth Days to be held in Krakow, Poland in July, organized by the Catholic Church.

We have been invited by some of their leadership to help to use this opportunity for introducing people to the possibility of a personal relationship with Jesus. We are prayerfully preparing a number of on-line tools for this one-off event that will attract over 2 million people.

Wes Griffin and ILI (International Leadership Institute) family in Atlanta.

Family gathering! Filip, Justyna, Henry, Bogusia, Paulina, Marysia and Szczepan.

Well, Friend, my family is doing well. We spent some quality time together, which doesn’t happen as often as I would like. But life goes forward and we are thankful for every day.

God is at work and what He is doing is marvelous in our eyes. Thank you for staying with us, encouraging and praying. Your support and prayers make a major difference!

Henryk and team.

Thank You Lord

Progress on December prayer requests

  • Good evangelistic, on-line campaign “Unpack the present”
  • Restful Christmas season, with family
  • Some monetary gifts received in December
  • Great Board meeting of our US structure, New Europe Communications (www.nec.ccm.pl)
  • Steady growth of ministry; Radio, Studio, Internet.
  • Thanking for miraculous improvement of health of our dear friend, Stas Cieslar, our Polish Board member several of you know, who was in critical condition and now is already back at work with a cancer under control.

Please pray

January prayer requests

  • New Radio transmitters to be mounted in Oswiecim (Auschwitz) and Ustron that it would go smoothly.
  • More new people to join staff and volunteers as the need grow;
  • Still struggling with the Bible copyright issue for our new mobile applications in Polish.
  • Still struggling with the subcontracted work on new applications that are somewhat delayed; (a.) “Like Jesus” daily bible verses adjusted to the individual profile of every person and (b.) new multimedia resource streaming/downloading system Looking For God. There is still a lot of work to be done on it!
  • Preparing “Living Gospel of John” that demands lot of work on our side!!!
  • Translation into Polish of the movie “Gospel of John”
  • Strengthening of Eric Celerier, founder of Jesus.net, whom the Lord uses in a great way but at a cost of his health

December 2015 in numbers:

  • weekly radio audience is 895 000
  • 11 518 people visited our evangelistic page
  • 14 703 people visited landing pages
  • 572 people requested follow-up
  • 40 people finished evangelistic courses

Some messages from seekers

  • Hello, For several years I am totally confused, lost sense of faith. I would like to find faith and peace of mind.
    Man, 35-44
  • How to help somebody addicted to alcohol and drugs?
  • I’m really sad person. What can I do to change that? I want to run from it.
  • My daughter is in the mental hospital, she has two small children. I’m 74 years old. I can’t handle it. I try to be optimistic but I also have sad experiences. What should I do?
  • Can anybody help me?
  • How to seek God?
    Man, 18-21
  • How can I know Gods calling for my life?
    Woman, 45-54
  • I feel that God want’s me to meet Him but I don’t know how to let it happen…
    Man, 15-17
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