February / March 2021

It should come as no surprise to you to hear that life, again, is very busy for us! As previously often mentioned, the ever increasing number of opportunities has grown from a light wind until feels like a gale.

Every day our wheels are turning a little faster as we strive to embrace so many avenues that are opening up. It reached the point where we had to omit out February Update as coping with so many challenges was more important than writing about them.

But, Friends, we appreciate your prayers and all the practical help more than words can express; so here are some more details.

1. Zoom integration with Gele

Yes, our software team has finished merging our discipleship internet platform with Zoom video conferencing. Now, if you desire it, pressing just one button on your screen will launch a small group, real time conversation on our course platform!

2. New phone APP

Our daily readings (devotions) phone app is ready too, both for Android and iOS. We offer three different plans, every day, to help our contacts have an unthreatening way of staying in the spiritual realm, even when off-line.

3. Completed our family book

Finally, after some three years of work, we completed our family book, “Sure Foundation” in English! Now we pray for God’s guidance in find the right publisher. It is not easy as now there are more book writers than book readers! We shall inform you, when it becomes available. Now we are picking photographs and getting endorsements. The Foreword is to be written by Joni Eareckson-Tada. Thank you, Lord!

4. New courses

Another two courses were added to our digital portfolio. We try to track the current needs from a biblical perspective and react immediately. It is about suicides.

5. Bulletin

A new quarterly Polish language bulletin was produced, inviting many new people to cooperate in the work of Evangelism and disciple making.

6. „The Word For Today”

Next quarterly of “The Word for Today”, also on paper – was printed and is distributed to thousands of readers.

7. Polish writer of „A Miracle Every Day”

My wife Bogusia is prayerfully considering writing a continuation of “A miracle every day” a daily encouraging, personal message initiated by Eric Celerier, Godly co-founder of Jesus.net and greatly spiritual man. She was translating it for many years (as well as the Word for Today) on top of her other obligations, office management and being a great grandma! Thank you, Lord for such a wife!

8. The Bible Project – Polish

New episodes of “The Bible Project” (about understanding the Bible) were translated into Polish and are already available.

New episodes are available on our channel “Bible Project – Polski“, of course you can see this video in original english version –> here <–

Challenges for offline events!

Healthwise, we are doing well – at present nobody from our staff has COVID-19 and we pray and work towards having all the off-line Outbacks and conferences un-disrupted. They may be little smaller, but people are so much longing for physical connections and I am waiting patiently for my vaccination so that I can resume my international travel.

Thank you so much all of you for sending your donations, they are greatly appreciated! This whole work has outgrown us as people long ago, now we want to follow our Lord in fulfilling His guidance and are not rejecting even very bold visions!


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Friends, we deeply appreciate your Friendship! Together, we may change the World, in the power of Holy Spirit!


Answered January prayers:

Progress on prayer requests:

  • Our staff is currently free from coronavirus.
  • Further increase in number of people taking courses continued in January!
  • Radio has received from State a bonus towards covering its 2020 deficit. Thank you, Jesus!
  • So many projects fulfilled, now in full use!

Friends, please pray

March prayer requests:

  • Wisdom to plan 2021 activities, there are some major opportunities that are very tempting but would require several more staff to deal with them.
  • Moving our databases to Salesforce for a diligent tracking of our contacts.
  • Better business for our Radio CCM work, businesses starting to advertise again.
  • There is a delay in getting an order to pay for Radio 10 year license extension due February 2021.The cost will be $110.000 / £82.430 / 92,300 Euros. Yes, we pray for a miracle!
  • Continuing asking the Lord’s help and mercy for a dear, close friend and mentor of mine, a man God used many times in my life, Phill Butler, who is suffering with cancer. Please, keep on praying.
  • Continuing good health for our whole team in these Corona times.
  • Special blessing on talks with some potential major donors.
  • Getting an early opportunity to receive my vaccination that will allow me to resume international travel.
  • Allowing our off-line weekends, conferences, and workshops to resume in the very near future.

Poland, February 2020 in numbers:

  • 22,031 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 1,915 people requested follow-up
  • 481 evangelistic courses completed

How do daily “Word for Today” reflections affect your life?

  • “They make me reflect, help to get through the day well”.
  • “I start my day with a Word and that’s good”.
  • “Huge. Since I read “Word for Today” things have been happening that could not be explained rationally. I write down those that have become particularly important to me. After six months, I can see how they respond to my difficulties and problems”.
  • “Huge impact! I think more about God’s Word”.
  • “It is God’s answer to my problems, dilemmas, worries”.
  • “Often during the day I recall the words I’ve read in the morning. They accompany me and are the keynote of the day”.
  • “By starting the day with a Word, the whole day becomes God-oriented”.
  • “It gives me extra strength and touches my heart because it’s personal”.
  • “Amazing! Through these texts God answers my daily preyers, because as a community we are going through a difficult time”.
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