February 2019

Warm greetings from snowy Wisla! We have a lot of snow this year, more than in the last 9 years! It is wonderful for tourists who come in big numbers for skies, little more challenging for us – many more traffic jams, but also – more difficult access to our mountain studio, where just now we are finalizing recording of some 40 Polish voices for a series 3 of bible stories cartoons, Superbook, developed in the US by CBN. Heavy duty caterpillars, also big blowers were cleaning the road to the studio starting 3 am to allow us run the sessions… also – snow has covered inlets of air to our vent/heating system… Around studio, we had some 2.5 m of snow! But it is beautiful!

We’ve got some little snow this year…:)

The Bible Project…

Polish “The Bible Project” channel on Youtube. You can see it HERE

In January, we have also “almost” finished all the episodes of “the Bible Project” translation into Polish of New Testament multimedia summaries of individual books. It is excellent product and already thousands of Poles are watching what is made available, for free!

Ideas and visions for 2019…

I have escaped with my wife, Bogusia, for 5 days – to the remote part of Poland to finish my bit of the book we are writing, together with sister Nina and brother Adam – about faithfulness of the Lord through 5 generations. It is heart-warming to recall all the special moments, often challenges of the past and how the Lord has led us through all of it! We hope, that it will be published in this year. Actually, the “real” writer is John Karter from UK, a professional author, who uses our bits and turn them into readable format… Something to pray about – just yesterday sister of John was taken to hospital, terminally ill, and she was carrying for their elderly mother… John had to change all his plans (he was supposed to be now in the US) and take care of the family… our book is for a while on a back-burner, what is fully understandable, of course…

Our team

But present time, by Lord’s grace – is also in His hands! I am so grateful to watch operations of our young staff as they are so fast and efficient in fulfilling their tasks! As I compare the commitment, involvement, loyalty, engagement of our staff – to the “average” – I am just praising the Lord! Filip is more and more responsible for daily studio operations, but at his request – I will postpone stepping down from Studio DR presidency for another year, so that the transition would be optimal. If the Lord will allow me to be active after that time, I will “just” oversee the DEOrecordings Association, our non-profit umbrella over all the ministries.

Serious discussions in the IT department 🙂

Mission in 2019

A lot of plans are made for 2019, we believe and pray it will be another great year for the increased impact we can make, reaching many people. We have formulated now our mission as: “Connect millions. Walk with individuals”

We pray desperately for wisdom and blessing to be really effective in using tools we already have – radio, recording studio, Internet outreach, creative and software teams, hundreds of volunteers who connect daily with seekers… Yes, we have so much to thank for, but God has entrusted all of it for a reason! 2018 has finished really well for us. If you would like to get more details on that, please, write us back and we shall send you a paper copy of our 2018 Executive Report, or just a pdf…
Friend, thank you for all your friendship and involvement. We deeply appreciate it! Together, we may change the World, in the power of Holy Spirit!
Yours in Him


Answered prayers

Progress on January prayer requests

  • We have completed stage 1 development of a “Connected Giving” software, it was already presented in London at the EGCC (European Great Commission Coalition) gathering;
  • Good financial closing of the year 2018.
  • Good progress with the production of evangelistic multimedia materials.
  • Completion of “our” bits of the book we are writing
  • The Bible project in Polish. First 25 episodes already published.

Friends, please pray

February prayer requests:

  • We pray for wisdom to know if we should employ more staff to cope with all the new opportunities. We consider 2 more people… but it depends on funding a lot…
  • Polish translation of the 3rd series of Superbook Bible stories for children, 13 episodes. It must be ready by end of February. Snow makes production in our mountain studio more difficult.
  • New software tool based on WhatsApp, to help with follow-up after Outback, to be ready by February 17, 2019.
  • New courses on our Polish discipleship platform. Two are currently in the pipeline
  • Signing new contracts with interested ministries on using our software packages
  • A blessing for Jesus.net work with whom are a partnering, that this year will celebrate 10 years of existence, also ZeWatchers, who come with so many new ideas of attracting new people towards the gospel
  • God’s help for John Karter, the writer of our book, “Sure Foundation”

Poland, January 2019 in numbers:

  • 16 109 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 393 people requested follow-up
  • 213 evangelistic courses finished

What do people look for on our websites:

  • How to approach God in everyday matters and be able to TRUST and not analyze things in a human way but look with His eyes? How to build relationships with God?
    Women, 45-54
  • How to end up with pornography and start to discover God’s love?
    Men, 15-17
  • What if it is really a lie and nothing called higher powers exists? Is it worth converting? Why God?
    Women, 15-17
  • How to pray to be heard? How to establish a close relationship with God and read what God says to me.
    Men, 35-44
  • I’m addicted to pornography. I need help. I do not know how to deal with this. I destroy it internally. I am a believer and practitioner. I can not forgive myself for what I do myself. I have terrible reproaches conscience.
    Women, 25-34
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