February 2017

2017 has started well for us. I’m sorry our February Update is late! We’ve had some intensive time around here recently (more on that in March Update:). We have been busy and now almost all of our activity is producing measurable results with the promise of more in the future. We really want to stay focused; my most earnest prayer is for wisdom in the simultaneous choices of direction and expansion.

In our ministry, we have 3 areas of operations, each one having specific target to reach during 2017.

These goals are divided into many projects, conducted by different teams and regularly evaluated. We want to be efficient, to use our time in the best possible way.


With the encouragement of a friend, my sister Nina, my brother Adam and I are writing a book. It will be a record of God’s faithfulness through five generation, two world wars, the difficult years of Communism and culminating in an account of the present, God-given, ministry opportunities. It is a daunting task and we would value your prayers. Our objective is to direct any praise away from ourselves and to see Him glorified.

Together with my sister Nina and brother Adam.


Krzysztof is planning to re-locate Radio offices and studios to a new location. He is considering two possible sites and would value your prayers as seeks to make the right decision.

Online ministry

Several new courses have been paced on line (in Polish, of course!). Our aim is to make message of the Gospel relevant to specific groups of people. Also this year, we plan to expand our full-time team by four more people.

New courses: “Freedom from pornography” and “Jesus in book of Mark” were added!

Let us not forget the words of Isaiah chapter 49 verse 6b “I will also make you a light for the Gentiles that you may bring my salvation to the ends of the earth.”

Yours very thankfully,

Outback family ministry – on January 6 we had an “Outback” reunion. There were many thrilling testimonies, evidence of Jesus at work today!

Thank You Lord

Progress on January prayer requests

  • Good momentum for 2017
  • Schools wide open to train children into gospel.
  • Great Outback reunion
  • 3 new courses launched
  • Unity and spirit of love among staff and UTM

Please pray

February prayer requests

  • Finding good, new location for Radio in Gliwice
  • Completing series 2 of Superbook – 13 episodes before February 28
  • Strength, perseverance and encouragement for all our UTMs (volunteers), who give so much time to help others! Spirit of unity, extra strength for Norbert who coordinates this growing work.
  • Four new staff to join our Wisla team
  • Finances that are needed to optimize activities.
  • Radio developments in 2017 and beyond; strength for Krzysztof and whole team.

January 2017 in numbers:

  • 13 359 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 6 708 people visited landing pages
  • 815 people requested follow-up
  • 246 people finished evangelistic courses

Some of the initial messages received last month from seekers

  • How can I trust God in difficult circumstances? How can I find good in other people even though they are hurting us?
    Woman, 18-21
  • This is something what I still not figured out so I will ask: should I address my prayers to God or to Jesus? I’m a believer and I practice my faith but I don’t know what should be my attitude in prayer.
    Man, 22-24
  • Do you have some proves of God’s existence?
    Man 25-34
  • How should I pray when somebody is seek?
    Woman, 35-44
  • I don’t see any sens in my life.. I don’t have strength… I believe in God, attend church… pray… and… I can’t breath any longer….
    Woman, 35-44
  • I don’t feel God’s presence… My days are coming to the end and I don’t even know how to convert…
    Man 55-64
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