February 2016

January has passed very quickly for me, I think it is a common feeling we all experience as we get, hmm, more mature:). It was a time of reflection, but also of planning, implementing a new reporting system, generally preparing for progress. Excellent, a very productive month.

With all our various ministries, projects, new expansion plans, (I just wonder how much of this you are aware when even we, working daily with it, must use many notes!) it is important to just rethink, in prayer, what we are doing. Does it really bring us closer to our mission, to see others discovering Jesus as a personal Savior, entering His Kingdom and growing towards maturity as His disciples? How should we prune what we do to give room for things that seem to work more effectively? Is there still a better way?

I was just meeting with Eric Celerier, who is a co-founder of Jesus.net, that we have adopted into Polish as SzukajacBoga.pl (Looking for God). Eric is very creative and innovative all the time. Again, I was always amazed and encouraged, inspired, seeing what he is busy with now. He writes an evangelistic daily newsletter and every day between 100 and 1500 new people sign up to it. In just a few months he has 115.000 subscribers, with 78% opening his mail every day. Literally, thousands have invited Jesus to their life.Now Eric is encouraging me to start a similar newsletter in Poland… It is quite a challenge, but I am seriously considering that. I pray for a final confirmation from the Lord as it is a very serious commitment.

Meanwhile, we are preparing for a unique opportunity the Lord has opened for us to help with evangelism during “World Youth Days” to be held in Krakow, Poland, July 15 – 31, 2016 in cooperation with Catholic Revival Movements and Campus Crusade for Christ. We, as an Internet ministry, are preparing a “Gospel of John” booklet with an augmented reality mobile app, turning the text into a film (this “Gospel of John” movie is now in the process of translation). There will be many links to other applications, follow-up courses we have developed for our “Looking For God” (Jesus.net) outreach. We are praying that 500.000 copies of this special booklet will be distributed during the event. Also we are praying for 1000 volunteers who will individually film their testimonies to be available on our website, “My story”. We’ve never done anything this big, but God so often answers our prayers in ways beyond our expectations! (We’re still praying for a donor who will finance this massive project.)

A frame from a movie “The Gospel of John” that we translate into polish. The movie will be accompanied by an interactive app and paper version of Gospel of John.

MyStory.me is a place to share your story with Jesus. You can use it as your personal evangelistic tool and share with others a link or special printed cards. Have a look!

There are of course many more things happening, constant updates to the technology center, new versions of existing courses, web pages and e-books by our young staff. Outback team is busy organizing the next weekend camps in June and September, and there are meetings, workshops, training sessions and new on-line products.Four the fourth consecutive year radio finances were “in the black” at the end 2015, operating costs being covered by advertising income. Krzysztof and his team are working hard on some program additions that should attract more listeners to our Internet sites as well as other explicit evangelistic programs. We pray also for our plans to make new, Polish based, radio dramas. We already transmit programs called “Unshackled” that are dramatizations of real stories and testimonies that happened in US. These have been translated into Polish from original broadcasts together with our US partner’s Pacific Garden Mission.

Radio also needs an upgrade to more suitable premises for their studios and offices. We pray for guidance and wisdom to do this in the most efficient way. The Polish and US Boards are always very helpful (and firm!) to keep us from investing money into real estate that is less than ideal. The option we are pursuing is to rent an existing property (we have seen other organizations build properties that have become a burden).

Current Radio CCM and Radio FEST location. We rent part of 4th floor in that building.

Dear Friend, as you see, we need your prayers. We want to be the good stewards. God’s will is our ultimate goal, reading it, working towards fulfillment and implementation, this is our passion.Thank You for continuing to be with us. The place we are now at is in large part a result of your input to our ministry. We are so thankful for it. Please, continue!

Yours very thankfully,

Thank You Lord

Progress on January prayer requests

  • Excellent working and planning meetings with the Board.
  • New version – upgrade of Gele software made available to all the users
  • Fantastic Outback reunion
  • Financial blessing – a major gift received
  • New system of reporting to the Boards made available
  • Preparation for June Outback already in full swing
  • Lots of translation work of new applications completed

Please pray

February prayer requests

  • Growth for Radio audience, after January slow-down
  • Still more new people to join staff and volunteers as the needs grow;
  • Still struggling with the Bible copyright issue for our new mobile applications in Polish. Recently refused a license by one major Bible publisher.
  • Resolving that issue as we have already all components ready for release.
  • Still struggling with the subcontracted work on new applications that are seriously delayed; (a.) “Like Jesus” daily bible verses adjusted to the individual profile of every person and (b.) new multimedia resource streaming/downloading system. There is still a lot of work to be done on it!
  • New mobile application to accompany “Living Gospel of John” that demands lot of work on our side!!!
  • Translation into Polish of the movie “Gospel of John”.
  • Finding a donor for up to 500.000 booklets of interactive, augmented reality Gospel of John for World Youth Days
  • New energy for our volunteers, who daily spend time with seekers

January 2016 in numbers:

  • weekly radio audience is 765 000
  • 18 162 people visited our evangelistic page
  • 13 935 people visited landing pages
  • 392 people requested follow-up
  • 104 people finished evangelistic course

Messages from seekers

  • Hello, I need some help and support in finding my way out from gambling addiction.
  • You say that God is the solution but this is not true. I’m 26 and for last 5 years I have suicidal thoughts and attempts. I was a believer – a real one, but now nothing is left, I have nothing. I’m drug addict and alcoholic. Faith was my lifebuoy but for last six months it’s gone. I don’t believe, I don’t have strength to look for God again. He has left me. I’ve believed, trusted, prayed and in one moment everything was gone. So… I don’t have God even though I would really want.
  • I would like to learn how to pray and start relationship with God. I don’t know how to do it…
    Woman, 25-34
  • How can we discern the truth and lies in our crazy worlds today? How to make good decision and repair all wrong decisions I’ve made in my life?
    Man, 45-54
  • How can I ask God for forgiveness when there is still a person that didn’t forgive me?
    Woman, 35-34
  • How can I change my attitude to be more positive? How can I see the small things and rejoice in them? It’s been a year since I was in church and 2 years ago I wan in confession. I can’t find the sense for my life, there is no joy, I feel empty inside. I want to change it, please help me. Thank You.
    Woman 22-24
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