December 2018

My wish for you is that, as we come to the end of another year with deadlines and decisions to be faced, you will find time to rejoice in the eternal values we have received as a consequence of Jesus coming to Bethlehem

On the move…

I have just returned, with Filip, from our final trip for this year. First to Israel for a 4 day gathering, then to the United States. After a meeting with the US Board (NEC) we moved on to Houston, Los Angeles, Seattle and Portland, Oregon, meeting longtime friends and associates, and also prospective users of our software systems. It was a great trip in every way, we were so aware of Christ’s love and guidance that we have felt inspired to look to the future with greater passion and courage to spread His message far and wide.


Meeting with Nick Vujicic, great inspiration and possible future cooperation

Gathering of Szukając Boga ministry mentors


Our happy group in Israel

Filip leading singing at David’s waterfall

Jan Willem, CEO of demonstrating “Steping stones strategy”


In Houston, with NEC board members, Heide and Kyle

Outback meeting in Houston

Our new friends from Nick Vujicic’s Life Withour Limbs ministry

With dear friends and mentor, Phil Butler, in Seattle

Visiting “The Bible Project” offices – first milion subscribers plaque from YouTube

Inspiring conversation with The Bible Project team.

The Bible Project…

The work here in Poland, as always, proceeds apace. We are pushing to finish translating into Polish The Bible Project. (If you wish to see the original English version you can find it at: the Bible Project ) We hope to finish whole 31 New Testament episodes in Polish by January 15, 2019. We are really excited by this project and are currently praying that it will be used in Polish schools. While in the US in Portland we met the team that created The Bible Project. Their attitude was very encouraging for us and we were impressed with their strategy and quality of work. It was a wonderful answer to prayer when they told us they would cover all the costs of our work.

Superbook series 3…

Also nearing completion Series 3 of the children’s stories Superbook, these are Bible based stories in video format. You will recall that Series 1 & 2 were shown on national television and watched by more that 10 million viewers.

Radio license…

I have shared the need of financing the cost of the new radio license, 100,000 Euros, $114,500, £90,000.00. We have already had confirmed offers from some of our good friends that they intend to help us with this expense. Hallelujah!

But our vision and plans are for continuing expansion. We hope our growth will continue in 2019 with growing numbers becoming Christ’s committed disciples, all our activities and energies are focused on this goal. There is a long list of specific projects that are in the pipeline and need financing, but we trust the Lord always believing that “what God orders, He pays for”. Please, pray it will become a reality! I must also add here, that lots of our expenses (like, for example, radio operations) are covered from selling advertisements on the air.

Our Family…

On a family level? Well, during our trip Filip’s son, Pavel, had to be hospitalized for a few days, it was really hard on Filip. Now Pavel is back home and things improve. He is such a great kid!

Heidi, our first grandchild, after her very serious heart problems and major surgery – seems to grow wonderfully, being a source of joy to her parents and all of us.
We stay, by God’s grace, in good health, I feel like our 11 year old Toyota, running flawlessly and secure in spite of huge mileage, just let it do its job! We hope to spend Christmas together, praising the Lord, yes, singing carols, which has always been our family tradition. And we shall definitely remember in prayers you, Friends!

Pavel, our grandchild!

Heidi, our grandchild!

Friends, Thank you for all your friendship and involvement. We deeply appreciate it! Together, we may change the World, in the power of Holy Spirit!
Yours in Him

Answered prayers

Progress on November prayer requests

  • Confirmed monies for Radio license extending!
  • Radio audience going up, again!
  • Good progress with the production of evangelistic multimedia materials.
  • Great Board meeting of our US Board, New Europe Communications.
  • The Bible project in Polish. First 15 episodes already available. After the
    New Testament the entire Old Testament is planned

Friends, please pray

December prayer requests:

  • We pray for wisdom, to know if we are should even more staff to cope with new opportunities.
  • Polish translation of 3rd series of Superbook Bible stories for children, 13 episodes.
  • New software tool based on WhatsApp, to help with follow-up after Outback, to be ready in February 2019.
  • New courses on our Polish discipleship platform.
  • Helping new partners: in India, Kenya and Nigeria to launch Internet evangelism work.
  • Good, restful Christmas season

Poland, December 2018 in numbers:

  • 10 717 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 438 people requested follow-up
  • 179 evangelistic courses finished

What do people look for on our websites:

  • How can we be sure that we are talking with God and not with our imagination? Why do people have “certainty” that God talks with them and that others hear nothing? Why do such believers of different religions have such “certainty”?
    Men, 25-34
  • I’m not good at anything for what I would not take, will always spoil something. Often do I think about suicide, what to do?
    Women, 18-21
  • I can not live, I can not pray. I do not want anything, I just hurt and destroy other people. I don’t have anything anymore.
    Women, 18-21
  • I would like to receive the answer to the question: How is it really between giving your life to God and everyday plans and responsibilities?
    Men, 22-24
  • I am a believer and practitioner. But so far I have managed my own life and treated God as someone to fulfill my wishes. My life is filled with fear for the future and the present. I would like to stop being afraid, trust in God and entrust my life to him, so that he may lead it. How to do it without any worries, how to trust God 100%?
    Women, 45-54
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