December 2016

Today we have 35cms. of fresh snow, quite a change from recent years and making the coming Christmas seem more realistic. But Christmas is about Christ being born not just a happy season and jingle bells, so let’s plan some quality family time with our families around the Bible, singing carols. I remember this from my childhood, let the good tradition continue.

But we are still full speed doing our work. As the year draws to its end lots of analysis of former plans must be conducted to draw accurate conclusions and choose what will be most effective, skipping all the rest. I have learned already not to be sentimental about stopping some things I’ve been doing for years as change is a reality and we must adopt to be effective. Yes, we want to see many people transformed, becoming followers of Jesus, so if something does not lead towards that then it should be purged!In a meantime the number of good projects are also growing, so we must make room for them.:) We pray for God’s intervention and guidance. As only part of them really meet the expectation in real life, we must try many more to achieve what is best.

Augmented reality Gospel of John

Do you remember our flagship this year, the augmented reality Gospel of John (that connects brochure with mobile application adding on phone screen film, testimonials, maps, etc.)? It was prepared for Summer Catholic Global Youth Day to be distributed (150.000 copies) among over 2 million visitors. It did not work quite as well as we were hoped as there was hardly any opportunity to talk to individuals in a big crowd and share the gospel with them. But the Lord had an even a better plan. We were invited to bring the product to Polish state schools for use by the teachers who give religious instruction.(!) Already we’ve done this on three consecutive Saturdays, a half-day training for teachers on how to use the brochure and all connected to on-line material to evangelize their students. Some 800 teachers are to be trained(!). I wish you could see their enthusiasm and new passion as they are equipped with our booklets! Soon we shall be short of copies as a number of other ministries want to use it strategically, e.g., Alpha and the School of Evangelism.

Three days and three different cities with Augumented Reality Gospel of John training for catholic religion teachers! Almost 600 people and many many copies given out for free.

In a meantime our in-house IT team has produced version 2.0 of that mobile application, adding more testimonials, etc., but also allowing the use of the software even without the booklet. It will make it more accessible 🙂

Good or Bad? video blog

New video blog made by our young staff. Are tatoos good or bad?

Two of our younger staff, Darek and Tymek, launched a youth-directed video blog yesterday and in the first day had over 500 viewers 🙂

Fellowship of European Broadcasters award!

With Harvey Thomas – founder and leader of Fellowship of European Broadcasters

In November I was in the Netherlands, at the Fellowship of European Broadcasters (FEB) conference, where I was awarded “Bridgebuilder Award 2016” – for “bringing communicators together”. I was greatly honored by that, as it is exactly what I would like to do. Collaboration and partnering is the only way to make a real impact in the World!

Superbook dubbing in our Studio!

Superbook children cartoons are soon to be aired in polish national TV.

In our studio we are working very long hours to meet the deadline for producing 25 episodes of Superbook (children bible stories) in the Polish language. It is to be used by Polish state television starting in December(!). It was produced originally by Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) in the USA. We got the contract extremely late, so now we fight to be on time. Please, pray for it!


Many plans for 2017 are being made now; a number of exciting projects are in a pipeline. The Lord is really good to us! We trust His wonderful provision!

In this approaching Christmas time – we wish you good, quality time with those you love (focusing on the real meaning of our life) and a good rest!

Let us not forget: “…I will also make you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring my salvation to the ends of the earth” (Isaiah 49/6b)

Thank You!

Well, dear Friend, thanks for all your prayers.At the end of a year, as some of you are asking about our monetary needs I will repeat the information from last Update. Yes, your help would be greatly welcomed! For US donors, we have a 501c3 structure in the US that sends 100% of received monies to us. So if you want to help us with the developments, please, go to web page where you will find bank details.

Yours very thankfully,

Thank You Lord

Progress on November prayer requests

  • Incredible training sessions with religion lesson teachers.
  • Finishing augmented reality app for “Gospel of John” – version 2.0.
  • Great progress on our main software – Gele/CODEX v.3.0.
  • Hundreds of new people enrolling in on-line discipleship courses (in Polish).

Please pray

December prayer requests

  • Good end to the year, finishing pending projects.
  • Completing Superbook – 12 episodes before December 15 and 13 – before January 31.
  • Strength, perseverance and encouragement for all our volunteers, who give so much time to help others! Spirit of unity, extra strength for Norbert who coordinates this growing work.
  • New projects for 2017, which would make a major step forward.
  • Finances that are needed to optimize activities.
  • Radio developments in 2017 and beyond; strength for Krzysztof and whole team.

November 2016 in numbers:

  • 16 853 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 13 937 people visited landing pages
  • 547 people requested follow-up
  • 110 people finished evangelistic courses

Some of the initial messages received last month from seekers

  • Why did I lost my faith in priests?
    Woman, 55-64
  • Hello. How can I know what is God’s will for me? How to read his signs? How to know answers to difficult life’s questions?
    Man, 18-21
  • Does God exist? Please don’t think that this is any kind of provocation. This is my honest question – Does God exist?
    Man, 45-54
  • Hello, my name is ***, I’m 16. I was an atheist for last few years but now something tells me that I’ve made a big mistake. Does the fact that I’ve started reading the Bible and think about God is His work? Is He calling me to believe in Him?
    Girl, 15-17

Messages from people that finished courses

  • This courses really help me to grow spiritually!
  • This course has really moved me deeply and made me think.
  • Course was very interesting for me. Everything that helps us come closer to God is good. This course is great because it uses multimedia that are very popular these days among young people. Thank You very much for allowing me to be part of it.
  • I’ve understood that God accepts me and loves me as I am. I need to work on myself to be better but He still loves me.
  • This course is great! I pray and read the Bible a lot now. This is because of You, thanks:)
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