August / September 2016

Our ministry in Poland is doing well, particularly as August was less hectic and more relaxed with a number of people being on vacation, including Bogusia and me. We were in the States and Canada, having number of fantastic meetings some with several of you who are reading this. We made our first ever visit to Canada, to attend an 80th birthday celebration of our dear friend and my mentor, Phil Butler. It was a wonderful time, a reunion, meeting wise, godly people who use their lives to change the world, in the name of Christ! Many more fruitful years, Phil!

With Phil and Marnie Butler

We met also in Los Angeles with PureFlix (Christian film production and streaming company) to discuss possible cooperation and “next level” film delivery systems for Poland. We pray it will bring lots of great fruit in the future!A wonderful time with friends in Oklahoma, from Emanuel church, our US Board member Kyle with his wife Carol and Pastor Wade and his wife, Michelle. Very stimulating, lots of new ideas and general encouragement.

Our dear friends Williams family

With our dear friend Ralph Hamburger

Several of you have been asking for the outcome of our major involvement with the World Youth Days, held in July in Krakow. I am very happy with 400 new testimonials (in Polish) added to by Polish leaders, who were highly involved in evangelism during event. Thousands of our “augmented reality” Gospel of John booklets were distributed with accompanying phone application. Still, this was such a mass event, more a festival, where people were moving around in large groups, sometimes in hundreds, so it is not the best environment for a deep spiritual conversation with a stranger.

Many new stories added to by World Youth Days evangelism volunteers.

The good news is that there is a whole lineup of people now to use the remaining stock. Polish state schools have religion lessons and they want to use the booklet with their students. Also, the No.1 Catholic weekly magazine, “Gosc Niedzielny” (with a huge circulation) are considering a strong promotion of it. I was yesterday in a meeting with some serious decision-makers and they were enthusiastic about it! Alpha people want to implement it, too. It is a real attraction, but what is most important for us is that it gives continuity of spiritual care by being linked to our SzukajacBoga ( ministry. If someone is attracted there is a, pre-existing, excellent follow-up with e-coaches immediately ready to respond. Also the film we used, Gospel of John, is excellent and I believe will become a strong point of reference in explaining the Gospel of Jesus. So a lot of work ahead for us.You perhaps remember, that last month I was mentioning a small, 3 day long meeting with several of leaders of Evangelical Alliance denominations, in Wisla, held in July. This group was originally initiated by Pastor John Godson from Nigeria, who came to Poland as missionary but …ended up as a member of Polish Parliament, being a great witness to the Gospel. John, unfortunately, was not able to be at our meeting, but there is a follow-up to some of the initiatives. We met already three leaders on individual occasions and already have joined projects in a pipeline! Hallelujah! Always looking for win-win situations. We want to strengthen our links with good churches!

Our mobile radio studio is present on many local events in Silesia region.

Krzysztof from, Radio CCM, is planning to start airing in the near future a 3rd parallel program, from Gliwice transmitter, aimed just at Gliwice inhabitants. A studio will be placed in the town’s largest shopping mall. Something to pray for! We pray it will increase our listenership.

Well, dear Friend, thanks for all your prayers. We see lots of blessing, there is a real momentum. This is our joined work, in partnership with You, our prayer warrior and supporter!

Yours very thankfully,

Thank You Lord

Progress on August prayer requests

  • Great interest in augmented reality “Gospel of John” booklet.
  • New level of trust and relationship with number of Catholic evangelical leaders.
  • Our every day reading mobile application Kazdy dzien (Every day) is finally in application stores.
  • Follow-up with the leaders of Evangelical Alliance churches.
  • Yes, we have a new programmer with us. More people in the pipeline. J
  • Media resource center, with sermons, seminars & talks, finally up and running.
  • New cluster of computer servers configured, increasing speed and safety of global platform.
  • Contract for Superbook children films translation.

Please pray

September prayer requests

  • Best ways to use remaining Gospel of John booklets, to see measurable outcomes;
  • Finalizing, before end of a month the launch of our flagship, discipleship software, CODEX/Gele 3.0, in beta version.
  • Several new on-line courses, both training volunteers and helping seekers;
  • New energy for our volunteers, who daily spend time with seekers.
  • Next Outback weekend planned Sept. 23-25, that God’s presence will be obvious to everybody.
  • Visit of Andrzej and myself to Ukraine to help with Outback there, Sept. 29 – Oct. 3.
  • My visit to the US Sept. 8 – 15, Houston and Atlanta.

August 2016 in numbers:

  • 10 186 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 9 973 people visited landing pages
  • 411 people requested follow-up
  • 87 people finished evangelistic courses

Messages from seekers

Random selection of initial messages we’ve received in August

  • How can I meditate to be close to God and separated from material world? I ask, because more and more I think only that matters…
    Girl, 18-21
  • Hi, can you help me?
    Man, 25-34
  • My life problems are too big for me… Loneliness and pain of existence… I really want to trust Jesus but it’s hard…
    Woman, 55-64
  • I beg you for help. I can’t make any longer. Here is my number: XXX XXX XXX
    Man, 22-24
  • How can I best prepare myself for confession?
    Girl, 18-21
  • Why does God allows that my father is destroying my health and life? I’m thinking about suicide, I don’t have any reason to live…
    Woman, 35-44
  • Is there life after death?
    Boy, 15-17
  • Hello. I got lost in my life. I would like to have a fresh start – with God. Where should I start? Please help.
    Girl, 15-17
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