April 2017

Things are moving really fast, but this is normal as I am surrounded by so many creative people who are fulfilling their assignments. The scale of influence of our work is growing and so is the amount of topics, subjects and meetings. Everybody from our 54 staff is occupied full time, (not to mentioning the key work done by hundreds of Unpaid Team Members (UTMs) who are dealing directly with seekers), so it is more and more difficult to report what is happening without writing a novel! So I place here only some subjective highlights and thank you in advance for your understanding.

Training of leaders for the next Outbacks

Passover dinner, a wonderful outreach oportunity

With Czech Friends from New Generation ministry.

Spring in full swing… and our Pauline

Superbook in polish state TV

After several months of preparation in our studio, a Superbook, (CBN cartoon films telling the stories of Old and New Testament in contemporary form) are aired by Polish State TV. Right now, every evening there is a new episode. The original plan was to broadcast it on the childrens’ channel with a premiere every evening and repetitions the next day in the morning and at noon. On Easter days the main TV channel was to play it. But then the warfare started! Many protesters started attacking the TV channels for imposing religion on children, etc.. A whole turmoil! In today’s world it is so easy to get all the leftist radicals on fire! So we need your prayers.

Thousands of kids in Poland may now watch Bible stories on the national TV

Radio CCM changes location

Our Radio studios will be moving to a new and better location, but still in Gliwice. The process has already started, it requires lots of work from Krzysztof, our Radio CEO, and his staff. We hope to broadcast from the new site before the end of June, 2017. Another subject of prayer, please!

Gospel of John

The booklets of the Gospel of John, accompanied by our augmented reality phone application, are now in full swing! We still had some leftovers after World Youth Days and the later major school campaign, so now the rest of 150.000 are used by Alpha groups and other evangelistic, Catholic initiatives. If any persons are touched by the content they are immediately directed to our army of e-coaches, who offer on-line follow-up. Now, at Easter time, it is the peak of this campaign. We are deeply thankful for this amazing opening!!! Please, pray for this harvest!

New office spaces

We are also breaking ground for a new pavilion that will extend our small office in Wisla. It will provide 8 more workplaces and a small conference room for up to 24 people. It will be attached to our house, in our garden. Please, pray it will be built in an efficiently and quickly so that it will cause the minimum of disturbance to ongoing work.

Preparing for the new office pavillion – our team breaking ground

Colombia & Brazil

Our International involvement is also on the rise. We want to share all we have learned with anyone who is interested in spreading the Kingdom. Recently Jurek, our International Leadership Institute (ILI) leader and myself went to Colombia to attend an ILI conference. What a wonderful time we had! Love, zeal, passion, commitment, God is at work in Colombia! Now we believe they will also start Internet evangelism. Our host there, Juan Bravo, will be our main speaker at our late September Polish e-coach conference. We were greatly encouraged. Right after that we went directly to Brazil, for the Global Jesus.net conference. Again, a great reunion, many new plans, ideas, projects and the joy of meeting dear Friends!

Juan Bravo, our host in Colombia, leader of ILI, now preparing and setting ministry over Internet

In Medellin, Juan and Jurek (Horhito)

Graduation of ILI course in Colombia

Jesus.net conference in Brasil. Great time of encouragement and inspiration.

Polish team in Brasil, with Wes


Krzysztof was recently in Niamey, Niger. This is what he writes: In March I had a privilege to visit Niger again. I was invited to lead a training seminar in Fidelite Radio in the capital of Niger, Niamey. It was a really blessed time for me. I could have seen incredible miracles performed by the Lord in that place. The ministry of Hosanna Institute Of The Sahel (HIS) lead by Pastor Yacouba Seydou is very effective and brings a lot of fruit.
HIS is involved in medical services, well drilling, agricultural education, help for job seekers and media (radio & television). The goodness of the Lord and His promises allows them to bring help and hope in the most devastated places.
I strongly ask you for a support to this ministry. Here are the prayer requests:


Team of Radio Fidelite in Niger

The morning show

Thank You

So now, Friend, you know why we are so thrilled, watching God using our small efforts to influence others. What could be a better life? Thank you, Jesus! And thank you, Friend, so much for all your prayers and involvement. You are a significant part of all we do. Keep on, dear friend!

Yours very thankfully,

Thank You Lord

Progress on March prayer requests

  • Blessed trips and guests visits’ in March.
  • Superbook broadcast on Polish State TV!!!
  • Progress at so many ministry levels. Norbert’s coordinating work going really well, with new helpers.
  • Unity and spirit of love among staff and UTM

Please pray

April prayer requests

  • Launching into Polish author Eric Celerier’s “Miracles every day” daily newsletter planned for May
  • New production – translating into Polish Corrie-ten-Boom documentaries.
  • Finishing translating George Verwer documentary into Polish by the end of April (?)
  • Launching of Gele (CODEX) 3.0 software platform.
  • Preparing Outback weekends in June 2017.
  • Many more e-coaches needed, as the work continues to grow.
  • Good launch of Jesus.net in Hungary.
  • Good preparation of Studio video promo, as prepared under the direction of John Forrest
  • Good Board meetings April 21-23, 2017, here in Wisla. Many big subjects to discuss
  • Radio site move to a new offices in Gliwice
  • Building of an extra office space in Wisla

March 2017 in numbers:

  • 14 853 people visited our evangelistic pages
  • 11 792 people visited landing pages
  • 676 people requested follow-up
  • 287 people finished evangelistic courses

Some of the initial messages received last month from seekers

  • Who God is? And how can we find Him?
    Man, 45-54
  • Why the life is not so easy, so colorful as I thought? Why it is so hard?
    Girl, 15-17
  • I have some problems that I can’t cope with myself. I’m looking for a support, conversation, help…
    Woman, 45-54
  • How can I discern God’s will in my life? Is that particular person a God’s man and good candidate for a husband?
    Woman, 35-44
  • What the Bible teaches about the situation when some of our brothers or church leaders will let us down?
    Man, 35-44
  • I don’t know where to start… This bothers me for some time already… Yesterday I’ve wrote in Google “How to find God” and your page has pop out. I am 30 years old, married, two kids, flat, job.. Untill know I have though I am a believer… (…)
    Man, 25-34

This conversation has been followed online and later also offline in one of our offline small groups! Please pray for that man and his coach.

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