April 2016

Easter coming in March this year made the month seem to pass more quickly. It seems every month moves faster and faster, but it’s good – it brings us closer to the fulfillment of our hope of eternal life with Jesus! WOW! It will be better there than we can even imagine! But, until then, we can exercise out stewardship of the time we have been given. It can be an enjoyable process, even when we struggle and are troubled.

We had a good “mentor” meeting with the leaders who help to run our Polish Internet ministry, Looking For God. I am always amazed to witness the great unity, focus and good advice. It is a joy to share all the progress, discuss plans, new ideas and directions.

Now several of our staff are preparing our program for World Youth Day. Mathew is working on the subtitling of the Gospel of John movie (the voice-over already finished), Filip and Tymek were recently in the Netherlands, among other things, talking to the software company that is to make the mobile application to accompany Gospel of John augmented reality booklet. We all are also involved, with others, in preparing the content of the follow-up initiative. Tomek is working all the time on upgrading our flagship Gele e-learning system, version3.0 is now in preparation.

Discussing new app and other developments in Amsterdam. From the left: Tymothy Cieślar (CCM), Arjo de Vroome and Fokke Kooistra (Jesus.net), Erik Bosman (App developer) and Filip Krol (CCM).

We are very thankful to our Lord that so far – we’ve had no disasters, hacker attacks, etc.. We pray for God’s protection, but also want to implement all the technology available to reduce the risk.As there has been a direct request, we will also prepare an Arabic template (from right to left), so that courses could be implemented. There are so many things happening, e.g., now we host and service some 130 different platforms/web portals for 27 countries. How thankful we are to the Lord for allowing us such a growth of influence!

Krzysztof is working on increasing the impact of our radio. Part of the process is expanding our technical coverage, optimizing antenna placement, etc. A lot of effort has already been made, Oświecim (Auschwitz) now has a new system in place, Bielsko is in the process and Ustroń is next in line. This is accompanied by experimenting with the program content. We started to see, again, some audience growth. Thank you for your prayers!

As every year, we had our Passover dinner in Malinka valley. Again, it was a joyful, fruitful time of witness with some 200 people attending, many of them unbelievers.

This weekend we hold our Board meeting (held twice a year). It is always a joy to meet together, but also plan for the future. One of the topics is balanced growth. Some challenges, like increasing office space for our software team and looking for a new building for radio operations in Gliwice must be addressed. Another challenge is the increasing openings and invitations to help more countries with building their Internet work. Yes, we would love to do it, but we need more people and money.
Well, dear Friend, as you see, we still desperately need your prayers. God’s will is our ultimate goal, reading it, working towards its fulfillment and implementation, this is our passion.

Yours very thankfully,

Thank You Lord

Progress on March prayer requests

  • Change of a trend, again, starting to expand the radio audience.
  • Due to financial problems of our partner, Pacific GARDEN Mission, we must suspend production of the Unshackled radio drama in Polish. Still, we want to THANK the Lord and our friends very much for all those 15 plus years when they were faithfully helping us to reach thousands of people with the message of salvation!
  • Spirit of unity and passion among staff and volunteers.
  • Progress on the translation of the movie “Gospel of John”.
  • Finally, a mobile application with daily reading is technically working!
  • Our Multimedia Resource Center application already ready!

Please pray

April prayer requests

  • Growth of the Radio audience, we need more listeners!
  • Still more new people to join staff and volunteers as the needs grow.
  • Still struggling with the Bible copyright issue for our new mobile applications in Polish.
  • New mobile application to accompany “Living Gospel of John” that demands lot of work on our side!!!
  • New energy for our volunteers, who daily spend time with seekers
  • Preparing a comprehensive strategy for leading thousands of young Catholics on World Youth Days towards a close relationship with Jesus

March 2016 in numbers:

  • weekly radio audience is 800 000
  • 32 930 people visited our evangelistic page
  • 15 971 people visited landing pages
  • 378 people requested follow-up
  • 61 people finished evangelistic courses

Messages from seekers

  • Thank You for that course. It reminded me how great is the gift of Jesus.
  • I really like the way you do evangelism. I can talk about God without leaving my home.
  • The course has really helped me. I react differently now in every day life.
  • Do you have experience and patience for people with strange questions and problems with their relationship with God?
    Woman, 35-44
  • I would really like to talk to somebody. I’ve tried to reconcile with God many times but my sins are so big that I can’t believe and receive the communion. I pray to God, I try, I’m miserable without Him. I fall down and can’t get up. Could someone talk with me and pray with me?
    Woman, 35-44
  • What can I answer if somebody asks me “why you don’t confess to priest?” or “can me too confess directly to God?”. Please answer with some Bible passages that confirms that.
    Man, 12-14
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